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Year: 1999

  • Erin’s Violin Blog 15

    By mid-spring, Erin was showing some interest in re-mastering some of her more challenging review repertoire. We began working gingerly together. Things began falling back into place gradually. But there was still the big hurdle of Etude staring us in the face. Despite lots of work on G-major fingering and scales, she’d been more or […]

  • A day in the life

    It’s mid-morning and Erin and Noah are playing with Duplo. They have built something they are calling a “mooseum” which has incorporated almost every block we own. Each doorway serves a specific imaginary purpose. A windmill apparently supplies the museum with power. There is a large parking lot for cars and trains. The museum is […]

  • Erin’s Violin Blog 14

    Throughout the winter, Erin has done very little practising, but has still played her violin for pleasure regularly. Several times a week she takes out her instrument and plays a few early review pieces and spends some time improvising. The improvisation is clearly very enjoyable for her. She played for her new baby sister, often […]