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Year: 2001

  • Erin’s Violin Blog 22

    Things just keep rolling along for Erin. She’s got a nice, stable vibrato now and is shifting easily. She’s wrapped up her first polishing of the three Seitz Concerto movements in Book 4, and has made short work of note-learning for the Vivaldi a minor 1st movement which she is playing confidently now while preparing […]

  • Erin’s Violin Blog 21

    Erin took her violin to the local agricultural fair (“Buskers Welcome” said the posters) and played her review repertoire for about 25 minutes whilst standing beside her open violin case. Technical clarity: B+. Cuteness factor: A+. Proceeds: $70!

  • Erin’s Violin Blog 20

    Two weeks ago Erin moved onto a really nice eighth-sized violin and is really enjoying the depth and clarity of tone the new instrument is affording her. It’s still a little bit of a stretch, but she’s coping fine. Starting next week we’ll be back into a regular routine of weekly lessons, so I guess […]

  • Yukon Ho! and back again…

    Day 12 Yesterday we finished our driving at Watson Lake, along the Alaska Highway, still in the Yukon, and just to the east of where we had picked up the Alaska on our Stewart-Cassiar northwards route. The weather was a bit icky, so we stayed in the camper and ate macaroni and cheese and went […]

  • Yukon Ho! Solstice and beyond

    Day 8: Solstice We broke camp at Takhini Hotsprings quite late. The kids have finally mastered the art of falling asleep while it’s still light out, and are trusting their internal clocks to guide them to sleep and awaken at the right times. After all the swimming yesterday, they slept nice and late. We drove […]

  • Yukon Ho! Days 5, 6 and 7

    Day 5 We had a great 24 hours in Smithers. We camped in Leslie-Jean and James’ driveway, and our kids played happily with theirs (also aged 7, 4 and 2) in the backyard, in the house and in various parks. This morning Erin and I got the chance to accompany some of the Bulkley Valley […]

  • Yukon Ho! Days 3 and 4

    We all slept in and got a late start at the Barkerville townsite. We began with a stagecoach ride throughout the town, from the candy shop to Chinatown and back. Then we spent a few hours exploring the dozens of restored buildings and businesses. The Cariboo Gold Rush began in the late 1860’s and much […]

  • Yukon Ho! Days 1 and 2

    Day 1 As anticipated, our departure didn’t take place until mid-afternoon. The morning was spent doing laundry, packing, getting the property and the pets organized for a reasonable level of maintenance in our absence, and trying to get the house elevated from health-hazard status in anticipation of the arrival of the locum physician who will […]

  • BC-Yukon Camping Trip

    The Cast of Characters: Chuck is father to the three youngsters, primary driver, sole trailer-backer-upper, and the voice of reason in things organizational. Miranda. Mom to this brood, Miranda is the webmaster, chief cook and bottle-washer, and the backseat entertainer to the kids. Erin. 7 years old, Erin loves reading, playing violin and piano, reading, and […]

  • Erin’s Violin Blog 19

    Big news, of a magnitude that I wasn’t even aware of until I realized my last contribution here was just two months ago. Erin’s left hand has gone snap! into a wonderful neutral position, her fingers are flexing gently and accurately from the base joints and her intonation has improved astronomically as a result. I […]

  • Erin’s Violin Blog 18

    Things are continuing to move ahead for Erin at a rewarding, steady pace. She’s working on Beethoven Minuet now and is looking forward to starting Book 3 in the next couple of months. Although practising is never easy for her to get initiated, she is still doing the better part of an hour a day […]