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Year: 2002

  • Erin’s Violin Blog 24

    The big push in the past few months has been to find a balance between more autonomy and responsibility for Erin in her practising, and the ongoing need for guidance and facilitation in problem-solving. She’s now wrapping up the Vivaldi g minor concerto, 3rd movement and trying to keep the weighty Book 4 and 5 […]

  • Erin’s Violin Blog 23

    All I can say is it’s lucky we’re homeschooling. Music is taking up a lot of time, especially as Erin’s piano abilities have begun to catch up to her violin abilities. We now spend over 2 hours a day practising the two instruments, and that doesn’t include the time and energy devoted to lessons (and […]

  • Parental deschooling

    This is a post I discovered in my e-mail “sent” file on September 1, 2007. It was written over five years previously. I’ve copied it in below and adjusted the blog entry date to match the original writing: Katherine wrote“My concerns are mainly centred around the potential for personality conflict between my children and me. […]