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Year: 2023

  • An Apparent Evergreen

    An Apparent Evergreen

    In springdid they noticethat alone among the conifersyou were fully cloakedtrunk to twigin feathery tassels of new green?While other treesmerely added pale buds to branch-tips ,did they even see that you lackedtheir staid dark under-cladding? In summeryou stood in the copselike one of the rest,an apparent evergreen,your trunk driving towards the mountain sky,needles dark and […]

  • R&M Roadster: Early Review

    R&M Roadster: Early Review

    Early thoughts and observations of my new Riese und Müller Roadster Mixte e-bike. Spoiler: it’s amazing, a worthy car replacement that feels like an ordinary bicycle whilst having superpowers

  • Search for a winter-worthy e-bike

    Search for a winter-worthy e-bike

    After two years of making do with the Rad Mini I’ve decided to upgrade my e-bike. The Rad is the inexpensive hub-drive bike we bought to help Fiona get around Nelson on her own. After she graduated from high school it languished for a year or so until I took it over in 2021, making […]

  • The orange pill

    The orange pill

    During the summer of 2021, Fiona was offered a job working as a veterinary assistant at a clinic 50 km away. It was a super opportunity, so I told her she should take it, and she could use my car for the commute. I would use the e-bike. We had bought a Rad Mini in […]

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