Erin is now firmly part of the second row when it comes time to take a group photo at the end of her teacher’s piano recital (she’s the one in the plain white shirt in the middle of the middle row). For years she was front-row material, one of the “little kids”, but now she’s definitely not. Because she’s always been very small for her age, she was a head-turner when she was little, looking more precocious than she probably was. But now she’s moved into the mass of teens in the second and third rows. She’s pretty much the most advanced student in the studio, and the other two students who are at a similar level will be graduating from high school and moving elsewhere in a few months.

Fortunately her teacher has some experience teaching at and beyond Erin’s current level, so I don’t anticipate her having to find a teacher further afield for some time yet. Still, there’s been something very nice about Erin not being the most advanced student in the area on piano, and I’m sorry to see that situation coming to an end. It’s got to be kind of lonely not knowing any other music student in your area who is as committed and capable as you are. I really wish I could somehow give Erin a community of fellow music students who share her passion and dedication. She has her aspirations set on a chamber music exchange program with other teens this summer; I hope that works out, and I hope she’s not the most advanced student there. I’d love to see her develop a group of equally passionate musical peers … because even long-distance friends are a big help.

Not in the front row anymore