Chuck, at the dinner table, is in conversation with Fiona, concerning a rather challenging 3-year-old we know:

“So M. is a little helper?” asks Chuck.

“No, the opposite,” explains Fiona.

“Oh, so M. is a big helper, then.”

Fiona looks puzzled for a second, then bursts out laughing. “No! The other opposite!” She keeps laughing for quite a while. Something can have two different opposites. How nifty! Her brain has just been tickled by a new concept.

Today, Sophie says to Fiona, incredulous over something she thinks Fiona has just said:

“So you prefer my hair tangled?”

Fiona corrects her: “No, your hair oppositely tangled preferred.” And giggles, knowing she’s used some pretty neat words and ideas, but that she’s totally mangled the sentence.

Language tickles Fiona’s funny bone.