Sophie now has a sweater-vest, the armless portion of the sweater I’ve been knitting for her. It’s knitted with Fleece Artist Bluefaced Leicester DK yarn, which is among the most luscious yarn I’ve ever knitted. Simply lovely elastic stuff, very like merino. It took me a while to figure out what a Bluefaced Leicester was.

After her sleeves, I will start Noah’s navy blue merino sweater. I expect the process of knitting it will be a similar aesthetic experience to that of knitting Sophie’s. I think I am permanently addicted to knitting. It sure helps that my kids look so nice in the stuff I make. Even without sleeves, and with dangling yarn-ends.

Sophie is working on her own surprise project for Fiona’s birthday. She can do a small project in less than a day now, and has completed two such projects without a single dropped stitch or other such ‘knitting issue’, which is more than I can say for her mother. (My excuse is that I’m multi-tasking when I knit, but still … )

Sweater in progress

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