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It’s physics

Really. It is not four children, a tree fort, a couple of climbing harnesses, some ropes and a lot of only-marginally safe crazed swinging, leaping and ‘flying’. It is not an accident waiting to happen. It is not inadequate parental limit-setting.

No, it’s pulleys, pendulums, mass, density, period, acceleration, distance, speed and moment of inertia.

It’s physics. Really.







5 responses to “It’s physics”

  1. Heather Avatar

    That looks a lot funner than I remember my physics classes being, a whole lot funner.

  2. Penelope Avatar

    I was thinking that same thing as I watched the kids swim, dive, somersault and splash around in the water this summer. It’s all physics!

  3. Lea Avatar

    As the mom of 4 boys I can remember learning physics the very same way….we came through unscathed except for 8 stitches, 2 broken fingers, and a sprained ankle….. now my husband trying to act like the boys?…… broken clavicle..

  4. Elisheva Hannah Levin Avatar

    It sure is!

    And the best kind of physics, too!

    This is the stuff they’ll really remember when they are thinking about mass, acceleration, gravity,etc.

    Can I come to your physics class?

  5. violincjj Avatar

    We never had any big injuries yet with this big scale physical play. It’s always the tumble over the small step into the kitchen or falling off the bed that leads to the trip to hospital in our house…sure yours will survive!