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The Twelve Days of Panini

Erin arrived home for the holidays suffering a sandwich deficiency. At least, there was general enthusiasm for use of the panini press, and when someone (perhaps it was me?) suggested a “12 Days of Panini” celebration over the holidays, she and the other kids all seemed very eager. Food preferences vary widely in this family, but panini seem to be something we can all agree upon. So the challenge was set. Here is our list.

1. Caprese: Tomato, fresh basil leaves, red onion, mayo and mozza.
2. Figgy Stuff: Balsamic onions, hot Italian sausage, figs, spinach, chevre
3. Blue cheese and pear.
4. Smoked turkey, hot pepper jelly, spinach.
5. Avocado and roasted sweet potato.
6. Strawberry, chevre and arugula
7. Reuben: Montreal smoked meat, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, mustard
8. Ham, swiss cheese, apple.
9. Turkey, stuffing, gravy, jack cheese and NPR cranberry relish
10. French onion: caramelized onions, bouquet garni, swiss cheese, a dash of balsamic vinegar
11. Roasted vegetables (onion, eggplant, zucchini, sweet pepper), ricotta and sun-dried tomato
12. Pizza: tomato sauce, mozza cheese, chorizo sausage slices, mushrooms

We haven’t eaten panini twelve nights in a row. We’ve taken breaks for Christmas dinner and a few other meals, and so we’re not quite finished yet. Besides, we’re still looking for an eggplant. But the challenge has been fun and the dinners have been enjoyed.






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