Erin has now been living in Montreal for almost a month. She arrived with her violin, backpack and two suitcases. She had no one to meet her, no one to show her around, no one to check in with, no housewares, no food. Just her own independent life to create.

And she’s doing it! She has outfitted her apartment. She is cooking and baking and shopping for bargains. She has figured out the transit system. She’s got herself a student pass (yay for mom-published student cards!), a library card and a schedule of violin lessons and orchestra rehearsals. She’s met up with her landlord, attended orchestra meetings en fran├žais, dealt with paperwork for the orchestra trip to China, found the best grocery store, figured out the ancient furnace, fixed the plug on the fridge, rigged something up to deal with the weird bathtub.

She doesn’t yet have internet. At least not at home. Since she’s supposedly doing three courses by on-line schooling, this is a bit of a drawback. Often she has to call me to get me to look something up. Internet is coming: there was a long wait-time for installation. She’s dealing with the ISP and Fedex and her landlady and trying to get a modem delivered in time for a Tuesday installation. She’s having to fuss with all this on her own — and she’s managing. She, the girl who I thought would never use the phone to call anyone but me. She calls strangers, customer service reps, to work stuff out. Amazing!

Chuck and Fiona will be visiting her in early November. Chuck has a conference he’s attending. Fiona will spend the weekend hanging out with Erin. They’ll be able to attend her first orchestra concert. Wish I was going too. Maybe I’ll get the chance some other time.

Notes from Montreal

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  • October 14, 2011 at 2:18 am

    I think it is good for kids to put them in a position where they have to do things that are unpleasant to them, to achieve an end they want. I also don't like talking to strangers on phones, but that sort of call is a necessity in the grown-up world.

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