It’s market day tomorrow. Sophie got an order for 20 lollipops, so she’s been busy stockpiling. Her dad made her a lollipop display stand and we are all very smitten with the fetching rainbow of colours. From left to right: raspberry, tangerine, lemon, peppermint, anise, root beer, maple, butter rum, cinnamon … and repeat.

She’s got new creative ideas she’s planning to try with the popular lollipops. Stay tuned for special Canada Day editions of the lollipops, and a limited edition premium version.

Fiona ramped up her tea production this week. She is completely self-sufficient at mixing, weighing, heat-sealing the bags, and packaging. She gets help from me printing the labels from my desktop publishing program and punching the holes in the top (her hands aren’t strong enough to work the hole punch).

New this week for her is this display stand. It’s just a piece of scavenged pressboard with some holes drilled in it for wire pegboard hangers. Stuff we found in the bottomless pit of Chuck’s hoardings of home repair stuff in the shop. And now she has a lovely vertical display which does her lovely packaging justice.

The easy pickings of wild ginger are almost over for the year, so she is beginning to think about the next tea blend. Lots of herbs are growing in the garden, but they’re nowhere near ready for harvest yet. So she’s considering some fruity blends and wild-crafted wellness teas. We have a huge collection of wild rose petals and dried rhubarb, some red clover, mint and nettles. We also have some organic ingredients we’ve purchased: sencha and white peony teas, red rooibos, vanilla bean pods, coconut and other toasted nuts, chamomile, orange and lemon peel. The possibilities are endless!

Market upgrades

2 thoughts on “Market upgrades

  • June 24, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    Hmm…looking into my crystal ball…seeing the potential for financial independence at an extraordinarily early age!


  • June 25, 2011 at 9:53 am

    they look really fabulous 🙂 fantastic.
    Not so keen on the weather forcast for the rockies, as we are arriving in a week, and it suggests snow flurries in lake louise!

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