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I think I’ve been much better about not over-extending myself recently. But things are piling up a little now. Running has been put on hold. I’ve been able to squeeze rink maintenance in, but nothing else.

Tomorrow the giant wholesale dried fruit & nut order needs to be sorted and delivered. I spent all evening tonight working on the labels and accounting for that.

The next day Noah, Erin and I leave for Cranbrook to do a weekend gig with the Symphony of the Kootenays. Five hours of driving each way, with two overnights. Hopefully we’ll get back late Sunday evening. It’s mostly baroque stuff (Messiah, Purcell, more Handel) so should be manageable for Noah who has excellent baroque instincts and can sight-read extremely well with those instincts assisting him (otherwise … not so much). I’m actually playing violin rather than viola. I hope I can play more or less in tune; it has been years since I’ve performed on violin!

The younger girls will be staying home with Chuck and enjoying Christmas by the Lake.

Next week is a mess of lessons, group class, choir rehearsals of various sorts, a trip to Calgary, a frantic trip back home in time for an Annual General Meeting of the VFA Society and a long complicated board meeting the next day.

Somewhere in the midst of it all I’m supposed to be conjuring up some sort of holiday season, including gifts for everyone. Virtually nothing has been started.


Fiona and Sophie just arrived in from skating announcing they’d invented gods as a result of playing some twisted game of Simon Says.

Sophie’s god is Chaezploz, the god of beverages.

Fiona’s god is Applodox, the god of paradoxes.

My kids are weird.

Neologism of the day:

Tireturd. n. A concretion of sand, dirt, salt and slush, sprayed up from the roadway while driving only to freeze into a disgusting icy brown chunk in the wheelwell of your vehicle. Prone to dropping off in carports and garages. Best kicked off if possible in roadside parking spaces rather than at home.




5 responses to “Over-extended-dom”

  1. Lee Avatar

    Tireturd lol..I love it and am totally going to use it! I find I look forward to Dec..the Christmas music, decorating, enjoying some cold outdoor activities..and I demand to spend more time at home than not..but already, the calender is filling up and Christmas feels too close! Deep breath!!

  2. denise Avatar

    I'm tired just reading your schedule! 😉

    I love the games kid make up – always so interesting, always so…weird is a good word. I always clarify 'weird in a good way' and now my kids say that. They are weird, in a GOOD way!

  3. Amanda Avatar

    Sounds as though driving time is the killer, given the distances you have to cover – how many hours/miles per week on average?

  4. Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) Avatar

    Off the current topic, but I'd love your feedback…

    Do you have any favorite unschooling blogs that you can recommend? We're switching to unschooling and I need reassurance and community. There is quite a wide variety among unschoolers (in terms of philosophy) and since I love your approach I thought you might know of other bloggers with similar ideas.

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  5. Rachel Avatar

    Great post! I've found that our schedule is so tiring in December and I appreciate the ability to loosen up the schedule in certain areas.

    By the way, I found your blog via your comments on unschooling on the pioneer woman. Can i just tell you thank you for your perspective?