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The Cheese Stands Alone

Our cheese is now a month old. It has been coated in fetching red cheese wax and has been sitting in a dark cool crawl space adjacent to our basement foundation for a month now. Probably it should be somewhere cooler, but so far it’s free of mould. Perhaps we’ll move it to the fridge.

It is a rather diminutive disc, considering that we started with a gallon of milk. The container it’s in is a snug fit for a sandwich, if that gives you an idea of the scale. Even if small-scale cheese-making isn’t an efficient use of time or resources, it has been fun and instructive to experience the process first-hand.







2 responses to “The Cheese Stands Alone”

  1. rubelin Avatar

    what did you do with all the whey you had left?? We recently started with making yogurt and ricotta and the only thing I can find for the whey is baking, and I don't do enough to use up the quarts of whey I have left. =)

  2. Miranda Avatar

    Whey was mostly given to the pets as treats. A litre was used to bake bread.

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