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I write this blog for many reasons. Some are about the process, but several are also related to the product. The accumulated virtual scrapbook is an important memento of family activities, adventures, challenges and milestones. Important not just to me, and not just in a nostalgic way, but also to the kids and also in ways that reassure and re-affirm.

I sometimes worried that I didn’t have a backup copy of the blog, that it could theoretically just disappear from the web with a server crash or a reconfiguration or something and all those precious mementos would be gone. I also like the idea of having a tangible record, something I can hold in my hand and flip through, sit on the deck or curl up in bed with, or show to others.

So a month ago I clicked “submit” at Blog2Print and ordered up hardbound volumes of my early blog posts. I put 2003-2006 in one volume, and 2007, the year I really got hard-core as a blogger, into it’s own separate volume.

The books arrived today. They’re beautiful. The paper and print quality is excellent, the photos are clean and clear, at least as much as my early low-resolution images would allow. The glossy cover is well-applied and attractive. The indexing is accurate. Each volume is about 200 pages. They weren’t cheap, though compared to scrapbooking as a hobby they were certainly a reasonable alternative. My kids have already spent lots of time delightedly flipping through and reading aloud to each other from funny entries, enjoying the portrayals of their younger selves and the memories of things past.

If a virus eats Blogger it’s okay now. Though I guess first I should get my 2008 and 2009 volumes ordered.



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12 responses to “Archived!”

  1. Debbie Avatar

    I blame you for the lack of funds in my bank account!!!! I simply must do this too 🙂

  2. ::carol:: Avatar

    That is a FANTASTIC idea, thank so much for sharing it with us. Yours looks beautiful!

  3. Miranda Avatar

    Oops, sorry if I'm costing you money!

  4. Erin J Avatar

    Ditto to what Debbie said. 🙂

  5. Aly Avatar

    We've been really pleased with our initial forays into the blog-to-book idea, too. I think we're going to start ordering three copies of each, though; one for us to keep, one to pass around to family, and one to put aside for the Geeklet. We're thinking the set will be something we'll save and give to her as a “grownup gift” in a decade or two.

    Not that she'll lovingly treasure the story about the new washing machine. But most of the entries, about trips and projects and new skills, will be fun for her to have in her own library, years from now.

  6. Sarah Avatar

    Yes, thanks for posting this. I've been meaning to do it for years now and not found anywhere that would do it without a whole load of hassle – off to see if it can import a WordPress blog without too much trouble!

  7. Linda Avatar

    Great idea – I didn't know about this. Looks like a way to deal with my Scottish photos that I don't want to clog up a computer drive with for posterity, but don't want to lose. Thanks!

  8. ruralaspirations Avatar

    I am thrilled to hear of this service. I would love to do this and will definitely take a look at that site!!

  9. Beccy Avatar

    They look lovely! Make me rather wish I had a blog instead of a webpage. Talking about the kids browsing their own pages, mine do it from time to time, the eldest guiding his sister through their history, very cute.

  10. Sophie Avatar

    What a brilliant idea. Thanks for posting this. we must make one or two…or three!

  11. Chris Avatar

    If you don't mind me asking, how much did this cost? We'd really like to do this, too.

  12. Miranda Avatar

    Chris, it's about $25 as a baseline price, but if you want more than the most basic number of pages (32 or 48 or something) the price goes up and up per page. Each of my books (almost 250 pages) ended up being about a hundred bucks. Of course they can be full colour pages — I put in a number of full-size photo display pages too in addition to my blog photos — so you can get a lot for your per-page price. But for a big thick book like mine it is a lot of money.

    Still, compared to what some people spend on scrapbooking, it's not much!