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Hanging over our heads

The first colour, the first twenty per cent of our washed and carded fleece, hanging to dry above our heads at the apex of the living room ceiling. This is about 250 gm or half a pound. We have a spinning wheel we can borrow, provided we can self-teach (the owner has never used it).

We’re still not sure what we’re doing with all this wool, but it sure is looking pretty! More colours to come.



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2 responses to “Hanging over our heads”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    That is just beautiful, amazing color. My kids have done carding and drop spinning but we've never had more than a handful of wool to work with. Our dying has been limited to osnaberg and muslin with RIT on the stove.


  2. Sarah Avatar

    Gorgeous color.

    Is it bad that that picture made me hungry for a teriyaki stick?

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