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About 16 years ago I was busy at home when I got a surprise visit from an old medical school friend. She just dropped in and we had a brief though lovely visit. It was one of those moments, though, when I realized how much I’d changed in the small handful of years since medical school. No longer playing the role of fairly straight-laced urban medical school student, I had become something a lot closer to what I am today. To whit: she interrupted me barefoot, pregnant, and mixing up a big batch of home-made granola. How much more cliché could it get?

I’m not pregnant these days, and my feet prefer the comfort of cushioned footwear in the kitchen. But my granola-making has gone even more funky and back-to-the-land. It’s not store-bought oat flakes I’m mixing up. It’s local organic groats, spelt and Kamut that I’ve bought in bulk and flaked myself in my hand-cranked flaker, mixed with organic coconut, raw honey, unsprayed almonds and fruit grown on our own trees and dried in our own kitchen. This is the recipe I’m using today. Gosh, fresh flaked grains make a huge difference to the aroma of this stuff! I’m happily imagining many breakfasts to come.



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2 responses to “Granola”

  1. Beccy Avatar

    I remember very fondly the last time I was barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen….. I was in the kitchen of the place we were staying in Mauritius. 🙂 But even though I keep scoring higher on the granola mum quiz that went round during my first pregnancy, I don't think you'll ever catch me mixing my own. I don't eat the stuff, you see. And thanks for a post that has at last had me use a dictionary to find out exactly what granola is, apart from the crunchy-mama meaning: baked muesli as far as I can tell, right? It's a North American term, I guess.

  2. Craig Avatar

    This isn't on the subject of your blog post, but I've seen computer game ideas for your kids on your blog before (like the sand pouring game) and this seemed the type of game your kids would like.

    World of Goo is currently on sale today for whatever price you feel like paying.

    I just bought it for my 5 year old son and he's loving it. It's a structure building game with the purpose of leading your goo creatures to a tube to be sucked up and collected. It's pretty neat.


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