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Pantry joy

This is what keeps me going through two hundred pounds of pears, recurrent apple-picking sessions, the grinding of spelt and wheat, the hours of collating, sorting and hauling around bulk orders of nuts and grains. The pleasure of a pantry that looks like this. Glass jars, food sorted and ready and waiting, to last us the whole winter.

And see — my Eschenfelder has arrived! We had fresh-flaked oats for breakfast. Deelish!







6 responses to “Pantry joy”

  1. Twisted Cinderella Avatar

    I LOVE a nice pantry lined with jars of yummy goodness.

  2. Andrea Avatar

    wow, you even have precocious reading glass jars of stuff…haha!

  3. Miranda Avatar

    Andrea, you rat! Way to call me on it. My stupid fingers. Okay, I fixed the typo.

  4. Andrea Avatar

    chuckle, chuckle…

  5. Lee Avatar

    ahh looks so nice!! Fresh flaked oats?? WOW!

  6. freelearners Avatar

    Wow, I SO want one of those flake-maker thingys! And I agree, a pretty pantry stocked with yummy, wholesome goodness is such a delight!

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