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Pears done!

We finished with the last of the pears today. We spent the afternoon picking an awful lot of tart apples. Then we combined them in a 3:1 ratio with the pears. We filled the cider press five times just today, and a few more times over the past week or so. Our freezer is now filled with 75 litres of lovely fruit juice. We also have a few gallon jars and bags of dried pear slices.

There’s plenty of opportunity for more apple juice in the weeks to come, but we may call it a year on the juice-pressing. It’s been a big week.



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One response to “Pears done!”

  1. The Pooley Family Avatar

    Hello Miranda!
    I came across your blog on a homeschooling site while searching for a comparison on rosetta stone and powerglide. In the past I have made my own apple cider – though my husband wouldn't let me do it this year as the canning jars are too heavy for our fifth wheel trailer. I've also ground my own wheat for bread, and dried fruit, but we are trying to cut down on things as it's been harder to do with a large family.
    Anyway, I'm so impressed with your family – my children have taken fiddle, but I think I'm going to have them take some Suzuki after viewing your children! We played as a family band for about 10 months, but then my 18 yo got a job, and decided that he didn't want to play the stand-up bass anymore, so we stopped playing together. My husband has decided that he will take over the bass when he has more time.
    I'd love to talk to you. I feel that we have alot in common – kindred spirits? You don't have to post this comment, I'll include my e-mail, and then if you decide to e-mail back, I'll be able to input your e-mail into my blog, as I've had to restrict access because of a German guy who had a porno site happened to like our site – mentioned it on his site, and whenever anyone did a search on restless pilgrims, his site came up too. I was also worried that he'd steal my daughters faces and put them on his pictures.
    Rebecca Pooley

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