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Whoot! Wheat!

I thought I had missed out. I had tried to buy a share in the Kootenay Grain CSA but hadn’t heard back from them last spring. But today at the Garlic Festival I found out they still have a few shares available. I couldn’t get out my chequebook fast enough. I paid the better part of $200, but for that price I’ll get 140 pounds of organically and locally grown hard spring and hard winter wheat, Red Fife wheat, spelt, khorasan (a.k.a. Kamut®), oats and small green lentils.

“Local” in this instance means the Creston Valley, the closest grain-growing land to us. It’s about 100 miles as the crow flies, longer by road. But the grain will be travelling from Creston to Nelson by sailboat, so there is really no environmental cost to the transportation.

I’ve been following the evolution of this Grain CSA, the first in Canada, on the “Deconstructing Dinner” radio show / podcast for over a year. I’m thrilled to finally be a part of it.







4 responses to “Whoot! Wheat!”

  1. Andrea Avatar

    I am so jealous!

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    me too!


  3. Shawna Avatar

    Lucky you!!! I can't find grain that is locally grown nor harvested… I did find a baker who does his own grinding and that has been nice, but….


  4. knittingwoman Avatar

    I am incredibly envious too. Not only do you have lots of pears and real edible chestnuts that grow near you but you can get “local” wheat too!!!

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