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Video O4L

My mom got a new camcorder and let us borrow it this week. Fiona and I decided that for this week we would do her reporting for the SelfDesign program by way of video. There are some fairly random snippets here, just showing off a few different activities that illustrate the range of things she puts her energy into over the course of a week. We put in some of her detail-slogging on violin, because I wanted to show how much more mature she’s getting in her practicing. She was really enthusiastic about demonstrating Hands-On Equations, so we put a fair bit of that in too.



11 responses to “Video O4L”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    What kind of accent does she have?

  2. Miranda Avatar

    Err.. uh, Canadian, I guess?

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    What a wonderful snapshot of Fiona’s week and her life. It’s great as a blogger to see her animated-her expression, how you and her interacted with the violin, hearing her explain the Hands-on equation. Actually even to hear Fiona’s voice after 18 months of fairly regularly following this blog is pretty nice.
    I particularly loved the ending.Thanks, JAcinda

  4. Shannon Avatar

    That was fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Laughing Stars Avatar

    What a great video! You captured a lot there. 🙂

  6. SnoopGirl a.k.a. Crystal Avatar

    I was getting dizzy watching the end!
    Great video. Thanks for sharing.
    What was the thing she was playing with on the floor where she rolled it away?

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    Now THAT’S a lovely, well rounded week! Wonderful!


  8. Anonymous Avatar

    Wow, what a great video! My boys have asked to watch it over and over (they are very impressed by the piano as they just started Music for Young Children in Sept)

    Kimster (at TP)

  9. LimeGreen Avatar

    That was a really neat video about Fiona. I like the way that the background music went with the filming….how did you do that? Also, how did you fade in and out between the scenes? I just made a video for my penpal in Australia and I didn’t know how to do those things.

  10. Crystal G. Avatar
    Crystal G.

    Very cool to see what unschooling looks like in other families. Thanks for sharing. Fiona is absolutely adorable :0)

    Crystal @ TP

  11. villagemama Avatar

    What a great way to do the O4Ls!! We just finished our last one for the year but now I am tempted to put something together for the fun of it. It would be great to have one at the beginning of the school year and to put it together with some footage of the end of the year… a comparison of sorts for the year end review! The kids would love to watch themselves and see how much they have grown and advanced through the year.

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