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Odd-numbered days

There was a time in my life when I really loved running. It probably started when I was interning in Newfoundland. I’d bike to Logy Bay Road and run out to the cliffs at Middle Cove. The feeling of being out on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, between rock and sky, really hooked me. My running really kicked into high gear when I moved to Halifax and discovered Point Pleasant Park. And when I moved to BC it continued all over Monte Christo peak right up until I was 22 weeks pregnant with Erin.

And then …. I remember running shortly after she was born, but it just wasn’t the same. Whatever vessel running helped fill inside me was being drained at least as quickly by the juggling required to leave my very attached little baby behind. Mountainous trail-running was what I was doing, definitely not conducive to a baby-jogger. So that was that. I didn’t really miss it. I had a baby. And then another, and another and another.

Eventually I was missing my running. There was a period of time after Sophie was born where I felt a terrible need for something like running. I tried getting out a few times. Various kids wanted to come with me. I tried running slowly with a 6-year-old sidekick who got tired after 300 metres. I tried letting two kids bike along beside me while pushing one in the stroller but our only road was a highway; we were a convoy of fragile wobbly beings sharing the road with logging trucks. It wasn’t good. With Chuck on call so much and various nurslings needing me throughout the night it was not so simple to just “get up early and leave the kids with dad.” I tried a few times with the desperation borne of feeling my precious running moments were being borrowed from the rest of my life. I got shin splints. I gave up. I turned into a couch potato. Or a mouse potato, actually, as we refer to my species here.

My friend Debbie has inspired me. Having never run before in her life she has gradually over the past two months worked herself along the Couch to 5k program. Two or three weeks ago she began to even really like running, and now she’s finding herself enjoying (of all things) running outdoors! As she shared her progress it suddenly dawned on me that most of the barriers to my running had disappeared over the past year or so. My kids can now be safely left home alone in various combinations. They don’t even mind. Even Fiona, who loves going everywhere with everyone, can be persuaded to hang out at home with her siblings without too much effort.

So I’m following Debbie on the C25k path. I figure if I start really slowly I’ll avoid the shin splints I’ve encountered the last few times I tried to start running. I started right at the beginning of the program, with the leisurely walk-run-walk intervals. So far the only injury I’ve encountered was a nasty blister on Day 2, thanks to my old worn-out trail runners — and I barely even noticed it until I got home and noticed all the blood (the kids thought it all quite hideous). I’m cheating a little. I ramped things up to Week 2 a day early. But so far I’m keeping things pretty sane, going slow, giving myself a recovery day in between, running for now on the odd-numbered days.

I love the excuse to get out all by myself into the wide outdoors for something as energizing as a run. I’ve promised to run with Fiona on any of the in-between days if she wants, but odd-numbered days are mine.



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12 responses to “Odd-numbered days”

  1. Jacqueline Avatar

    I’ve been working on a C25K plan since January, but it’s a different one than the one you girls are using. I have never run before, and I still haven’t been on an outside run yet but I did manage to run for 10 minutes straight twice this week and I’m pretty excited about it. I look forward to watching your progress

  2. At Home on the Rock... Avatar

    That’s great, Miranda! I hope you’ll post updates as you go along.

    Oohhh…and I love Middle Cove Beach too!

  3. Andrea Avatar

    Inspiring! I’ve tried to love running many times and even got up to running 30 minutes when I trained to do an Outward Bound. I’m more of a cyclist but you make me want to try it again…

  4. Laughing Stars Avatar

    That sounds wonderful!

  5. Shannon Avatar

    Good for you! I’m doing that program as well, also thanks to Debbie. Having never been a runner at all I was surprised to find how exhilarating running can be. I had a very long break after making it to the sixth week, but I’ve been working my way back to it over the last two weeks and it’s fantastic! I haven’t ventured outside yet, but that’s the next step for me. I’m hoping to outrun our dog when I next take her to the local track for a run!!!

  6. Lee Avatar

    Ah that sounds really nice. Funny how life changes once our babies grow into kids that can look after themselves for a while! I go for long walks in the country and love having the quiet all around me.

  7. Karen Avatar

    Yay good for you!

  8. Beccy Avatar

    Hmm, I’m still at the attached nursling stage. Just cancelled my gym membership again, since they now charge for childcare separately, per child. I have the “I have to” feeling about choir, and the similar inability to get to actually singing. Thank God for violin! Last lesson both pupil and teacher were breastfeeding during the lesson. 🙂 And one day, when one of my children can be left, and 2 can come along, I will restart choir.

  9. Debbie Avatar

    I’m glad you are enjoying it! I am extremely surprised by how many seem to have been spurred on by me. In real life and cyberlife both. Quite a few people I know are giving c25k a try. I think the program is fantastic. I mean who would have thought, a complete non-runner, in fact one who always hated running, could turn into a person who not only CAN run 40 minutes non-stop (which I can do now even though according to the program I should only be going 28 minutes), but actually a person who enjoys doing it! C25K is the only reason this happened. I would never have done it on my own. I would have gone out too hard, made myself feel like crap, remembered why I hated running, and given up. End of story.

  10. Rebecca Avatar

    I was a long distance runner for several years… Now I’m not. Endurance exercise for me is walking up and down the stairs more than once a day. But I love the idea of C25K. I think I could do 5K again, joyfully, but I suspect my 20 K days are gone. 🙂

  11. Lindab Avatar

    Having climbed Monte Christo at a sedate walking pace I’m full of admiration for you RUNNING up it! Mind you, the unaccustomed summer heat slowed us Scots down. That’s my excuse…

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