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  • Over-extended-dom

    I think I’ve been much better about not over-extending myself recently. But things are piling up a little now. Running has been put on hold. I’ve been able to squeeze rink maintenance in, but nothing else. Tomorrow the giant wholesale dried fruit & nut order needs to be sorted and delivered. I spent all evening […]

  • Outside at our place

    From daylight to dusk and through into the night. Ridiculous games, obstacle courses, conversation and laughter. Friends over, various combinations of siblings. And the smell of baking bread, to boot.

  • Gravelling a trail

    In a week Fiona, Sophie and I are running races in Kaslo at the first annual Sufferfest. Today we decided that our nature walk should be a run along the creekside trail that makes up parts of the kids’ race and the 25k trail run I’ll be doing. It was a trail we’d never done […]

  • Flight

    We were out for a walk and rockhounding session today when we chanced upon a bunch of paragliders on their way down from Idaho Peak to the ball field in the park at the lakeshore. First came a big tandem glider with a woman on her first flight with an experienced flyer. We were able […]

  • Photo day

    It was family photo day. A strange day. Strange beginnings, strange light, strange weather, strange happenings. It started for me at around 6 a.m., in the back of the van. Erin and I had driven her to Calgary for an extra lesson. All her maniacal practicing has left her sorely in need of some instruction, […]

  • Old Cedars

    Today we went off to do some rock-climbing and Goddess-Questing. First thing this morning Fiona and I met up with another family with young kids and did a few quick climbs at a rock face half an hour south of us. It was my first roped climbing in 17 years, I think! I did okay […]

  • Underwater Rock Garden

    I love the rocks at our favourite beach. I think I have reached the point where I actually enjoy the rocky nature of our local beaches more than I would sand. The rocks are weathered and varied, many of them flat disks perfect for skipping. I have been collecting my favourites for years, and they […]

  • Family Trail Ride

    It was Canada Day. Chuck and Erin and I were all off work so we took advantage of the day. No photos. Despite the awesome opportunities. What was I thinking? This morning I drove the truck out to the north end of the lake with my bike in the back, then rode back home. Got […]

  • Fallow days

    We’re enjoying a well-deserved few fallow days. Besides the bike rides, runs and swimming days, we’re attending to a few lingering jobs at home. We finally finished disassembling the play structure. This involved sawing timbers away from seized bolts and digging out the four concrete footings. Now it only remains to transport the sandbox sand […]

  • Storytelling

    My kids pride themselves in their weirdness. The more random, bizarre, eccentric, irreverent and facetious they are the better. While we were on our way to Duncan last week they engaged in some collaborative cartooning and story-telling. This particular drawing started with four small wobbly horizontal lines, and got passed back and forth between Erin, […]

  • A taste of summer

    It was that kind of a day. A shorts and t-shirt kind of day. A barefoot kind of day. A kids on the dock kind of day. A watch the bottom of the lake kind of day. A dangle your feet in the water until they scream “bone pain!” from the cold kind of day. […]

  • This would work

    It is March Break and it is not a Calgary weekend. I am all caught up on web work for the non-profits I volunteer with. There have been no Valhalla Fine Arts meetings, no clinics to work, no choir performances out of town, and even orchestra is cancelled for the school break. The past two […]

  • Hug a Chicken Day

    A few changes in progress around here lately, worth a few posts, but today is rushed — more about those another time. Today, though, we celebrated Hug a Chicken Day. The kids are in the midst of creating a randomizable selection of 365 special celebrations, one for each day of the year. Amongst the more […]

  • Calgary trip

    Noah and I have now made three trips to Calgary this fall. Erin has made four. It feels like it’s working for us. Here’s this week’s trip: On Thursday morning I drop Erin at school for writing class. Then I go home and get Noah mobilized, pack the van. I say goodbye to Fiona who […]

  • Therapods, travels and More-Fun Parents

    Chuck’s clinic partner needed to be away this week, kind of at the last minute. I had planned to take Noah and Erin to Calgary for their lessons and to leave Fiona and Sophie home with their dad. But with Chuck taking 24-hour call and covering for his partner in the clinic, that was going […]

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