Here’s our portion of the 104 cases we hauled, sorted, weighed, packaged, labelled and organized. Four full cases and a lot of 5-pound bags.

I had a crew of six homeschoolers working with me and Baby Scale (Mr. Scale was deemed too fussy, so we opted for his sleek digital offspring). We were amazing if I do say so. It took about 5 hours for us to get all the sorting & packing done. We only made a few small mistakes, recognized quickly and corrected, and overall the ‘flow’ of the operation was excellent — the best of any year yet. Normally there are at least 5 adults involved in this operation, but this year, though the order was bigger than ever, we managed fine with a crew of kids.

I must say, though, that I am getting really tired of carrying these same hundred 25-pound cases over and over again — first from the skid into the truck, then from the truck to the carport, then from the carport to the living room, then around the living room and kitchen as they were sorted and labelled, then out to the shop to await pickup, then into the various vehicles that arrive to pick stuff up. That’s over a ton of fruit and nuts carried six different times.

Into the pantry