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Sophie specializes in seeds. Typically her aim in her garden plots, both at home and at the GRUBS community garden, is to grow a lot of stuff that will produce a lot of seeds. She could probably start a radish seed business, for instance. And she had absolutely no interest in eating her lettuces. Now they are going to seed and she will carefully harvest the seed and save it for next year … presumably to grow more seed.

Last year Sophie won a door prize at the local Voices for Hospice event. The prize was a hubbard squash. Although she did eventually allow us to eat it, it was very important to her that we save the seeds. This spring she encouraged Fiona to plant one of them in her garden plot. Here is the result. Fiona’s hubbard squash is now eight inches long and growing an inch or so a day. She’s thrilled, and so is Sophie, who is like a doting grandmother watching Fiona raise the next generation of her vegetable progeny.







3 responses to “Hubba-hubbard!”

  1. violincjj Avatar

    hey nice vegetable! never seen one of those before. I’m in on our local Voices for Hospice this year – singing Messiah, always fun.

  2. Shawna Avatar

    That is one beuatiful squash!!! And cultivating the seeds is very impressive!

    I am already planning next years garden, seeing that ours is just about done here in California…but I must be honest: we are so sick of zucchini LOL I have so much sitting on the counter I think I will take a bag down to Catholic Charities on Monday after another bath of bread and cookies are made.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Hey Miranda!
    I’d like to say how much I love your blog, I think it’s the best out there.
    I was just taking a look at your web page and noticed that a number of the educational links (science and software come to mind) didn’t work. You have such fantastic resources in the other sections so I’d really like to see those. If you could get them working that would be great.

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