It was the night the bear ate Skunk and more than half a dozen of his hatch-mates and I couldn’t bring myself to post about anything else at that point. But I love the photo, so I’m posting it now. We were at a retirement potluck for two friends. Most of our friends in this particular social circle are older and their children are grown; the only couple who also had younger children moved away last year. But the adults all enjoy my children, and my children enjoy the doting interest the adults always express in their doings and goings. So it was without a single complaint that my kids allowed themselves to be herded off to the group area at the local park & campground for a potluck with a bunch of retirees and near-retirees. The food was great — lots of salty munchies and freshly harvested Okanagan fruit to start, Judy’s famous fruit punch and even meat, a rare treat for our two omnivores.

After dinner the adults played bocce on one of the pair of sandy courts and my kids acted as cheerleaders, photographers, referees and entertainment from their positions in the other court. Look at how much they enjoy making fun with mostly just each other for company. It’s not that this is their only fun, or that they are their only social circle — it’s that when the situation presents itself, they enjoy each other immensely. The express genuine delight and energetic enjoyment of each other’s company. This is so precious to me, one of the secret perks of homeschooling. At least when it’s not 11:49 pm and happening in our living room.


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  • July 27, 2007 at 10:27 am

    It was posts like these that inspired me to think about having another baby. Ultimately I decided not to, for many reasons, but still when I read about your kids I wish I had started making babies earlier so I could have more of this for my kids.

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