• I started because it was one of the few things I could do while breastfeeding seemingly-permanently-latched nurslings.
  • Because I like to write what I like to write.
  • Because my kids, who don’t think much of praise, enjoy reading about what I notice in our lives and what makes me proud.
  • Because someday these photos and reflections will help us remember times that passed so fleetingly.
  • Because slowing down to write about what is going on in our lives makes me ponder it all more thoughtfully. Writing helps me look beneath the surface of our lives. I become more aware, more present in my own life and in the lives of my children due to this reflective process.
  • Because a blog is a distillation of our lives that highlights the noteworthy, the photo ops, the moments of joy, the turning points. Reading back over my previous entries reassures me that despite what can seem in the moment like endless weeks and months of stagnation, stuff is happening. My blog is like the great-aunt who always comments how much you’ve grown since she last saw you, even though you haven’t noticed a thing.
  • Because I’m writing blog-like weekly reports about my kids anyway half the year for the SelfDesign program we’re part of, so it’s easy just to copy & paste into my own record here.
  • Because I’m useless at keeping a journal or a scrapbook.
  • Because I’m useless at writing and sending photos to extended family.
  • Because I’m supposed to be working to a June 15 deadline on the accounting and income taxes.
  • Because it feeds my soul.
Why I blog

One thought on “Why I blog

  • June 9, 2007 at 8:58 am

    All wonderful reasons! Well, all the ones that aren’t about avoiding something–like tax deadflines and sending things out to extended family LOL

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