It was 11 years coming, but it’s finally begun … the kitchen renovation. We spent yesterday and this morning madly packing away the entire contents of our kitchen into boxes and setting up a tiny area in the dining room for some small appliances, dishes and food storage. The kids helped scrape the old vinyl tiles off the floor. I managed to bake 8 loaves of bread, two pizzas, two extra pizza shells and a double batch of baked beans. Then, at around noon, the three friends we’ve hired to do most of the big work arrived and divested us of stove, oven, sink and running water.

We have a laundry tub and garden hose arrangement on the deck for washing up. Meals are pretty much organized and manageable on an outdoor propane stove and in the microwave. We’ll survive.

The guys doing the work were great about showing the kids what they were doing and how all the tools work. Blake started the day with a little “in-service” talk, showing off what he was going to be doing. Later Barry began chiseling mortar and bricks apart and looked up to see Noah standing there watching him with safety goggles on. Barry sighed, grinned and quickly put his own eye protection on.

We expected the unexpected in removing the old flooring and cabinetry, and we haven’t been disappointed — rat-gnawed wiring, detritus under the cabinets, sorry-looking insulation, bits of concrete in the wrong places, awful smells. But nothing insurmountable so far.

It doesn’t look like Fiona has chicken pox after all. I think she’s got a cold and more than her fair share of bug bites. But we may never know for sure.


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  • June 27, 2005 at 7:11 am


    how wonderful to have so many windows in the kitchen! what a creative space. good luck with the summer adventure of renovating.

    thanks so much for posting on my blog your thoughts about Ada. i replied to you there, but i will paste it here as well:

    >>I am so glad you mentioned this, because I am not always sure if her behaving ‘better’ is a good result — I have been feeling guilty that she consciously or unconsciously wants to please me after a blow out, and to restore the relationship that she feels was threatened (Gordon Neufield in ‘Hold on to Your Kids’ talks about this).

    But I do feel on a gut level that she *is* calmer after a blow out, and does not seem like she wants to please me, she is just calmer, and as you say, everything is okay afterwards, and she reached her goal.

    I certainly do not want to orchestrate a blow out LOL but of course they happen, and maybe they happen just at the right moments for her.

    What you said makes so much sense, and thanks again for sharing this — I have been overanalysing Neufield and freaking out.

    From what I read about Erin — her refusing to say certain words, for example, she does sound so much like Ada — this incredible drive to have control over her environment. Ada, for example, alters words, just to make sure they are ‘hers’. Erin is so strong-willed and determined, and I keep repeating to myself that it will be hard, but having such a strong spirit is wonderful.< < i love reading your blog, you and your children are such an inspiration.

  • June 27, 2005 at 2:35 pm

    Miranda I just love the windows you have. What a bright and sunny place it is. I would imagine all that window would allow for some cold in the winter since you’ve mentioned it not being insulated. You’re adding that in with the redo right?

    It’s always neat to see pictures of where people are experiencing all these neat expereinces that they write about.

  • July 2, 2005 at 6:13 pm

    Having an old home I feellike I live in a constant state of renovation….I hope all is going well… I do want to say thank you for inspiring me to dust off my violin and resin the bow once again.

    Love your blog!

  • July 4, 2005 at 1:28 pm

    I know how exciting/challenging it can be to renovate but how worth it! We have no kitchen floor currently and are hopping from joist to joist and have been eating on the porch for weeks, it will be so nice when the floor is laid! Love your blog! Julie

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