Erin's kitchen
Erin’s kitchen, photo taken from the living room / bedroom area. Tiny!

By September we’ll have all four kids living in four different places. Erin will be spending her fourth year in Montreal, her third at McGill. She’s looked after her own apartment-hunting and renting since she became a legal adult and could do so, and for the past year she’s been in a hilariously tiny perfect place just a couple of blocks from school that she’s going to keep for the foreseeable future. Thank goodness she has her situation all in hand.

Noah’s bedroom

We found Noah a room in a house through a friend of a friend. It’s furnished, and cheap, and about 20 minutes walk from school, a little quicker on transit. Got that firmed up last week. He’ll need a little bit in the way of stuff to properly outfit his space, but nothing more than might be required in, say, a dorm room. I’m thankful that this has worked out, because he’s not much older than Erin was the year she went off to Montreal, and he’ll have more on his plate, schedule-wise. It’s nice that the living situation, in a house owned by a single older lady, is simple. He’ll be responsible for his own meals, but furnishings and utility bills? It’ll be nice not to have to worry about those details.

Empty: Sophie’s living room and balcony

Today we signed a rental agreement on a place for Sophie. She’ll be living in Nelson, and there’s another family in a similar situation who will be sharing the house with us. In this case we do have to worry about furniture, linens, kitchen ware, utilities and such. But at least the place is only 90 minutes away, not a full day’s travel.

Fiona’s bedroom

And Fiona will be at home still, in the bedroom she redecorated herself this past spring. She’ll be floating back and forth to Nelson a bit, since she’ll have activities there and we’ll be bringing Sophie home on weekends. We’ll probably stay over a night or two a week, in the living room on a pull-out.

Lots of changes. Lots of apartments.

Four homes

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