I had anticipated that last week would be a crazy mess, trying to get all three of the older kids off to their various places and ensconced in their new schools. As it turned out, Chuck took Noah to Surrey, and I was left to deal with getting Erin to Kelowna and on her way back to Montreal and Sophie moved to Nelson. Which turned out to be a lot easier than I’d thought.

Erin, of course, is starting her fourth year in Montreal, and is an old hand at this. She organizes, packs and is ready, and then I just have to do the four-hour drive. We’re almost to the point where I don’t even bother to park at the airport, just doing a rolling stop to dump her near departures. This time I did park, but then wondered why, especially since it created stress over how I would handle passing out my parking chit at the exit, alone in a right-hand-drive vehicle with the booth on the left. Luckily I found a meter on the street and didn’t need to deal with the short-stay lot. Sophie and Fiona and I shopped a bit for things we can only get in the big city, and then headed home. It was a single, routine overnight trip.

And then it was time for Sophie’s slow start. It’s slow because there’s no school yet, and none for the foreseeable future, thanks to the teachers’ strike. We did take a trip down to get some stuff moved in and get utilities arranged. But there was no urgency: we waited until the middle of the week and went at our leisure. We didn’t eat there, and we didn’t stay overnight, and we didn’t need to leave Sophie there to fend for herself. Next week we’ll go twice, for dance classes and violin lesson and we’ll probably stay over a couple of nights, but together. We’ll get a cellphone for Sophie (no land line at the house) and at that point all our ducks will be in a row. The following week Sophie might spend there on her own. Choir and gymnastics will be starting, and I imagine there will be less mid-week work for her here (she’s still picking up shifts at her café job while the tourist season lasts).

It has given us plenty of time to get organized. I think the new place is going to work well. She’ll have a room-mate, and Fiona and I will be there a couple of days a week using the guest bed, as will her room-mate’s mom, but she’ll have a lot of independence regardless. In the meantime, we’ve been doing a few other things. We got some work done on our mud room, and a load of gravel delivered to finish the driveway levelling and make the now-complete garage more useable. And other accomplishments …

  • The war on house mice has been in high gear here.
A slow start

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