Fiona’s room has a thirteen-year-old light leaf-green paint job that’s showing its age. But the loft bed / desk / dresser / shelf unit is so immense and immobile that I just can’t see my way to moving the furniture and repainting from scratch.

So we hit on the idea of stencilling a stand of birch trees on the most visible wall, strategically designing trunks and branches to cover the biggest dings in the wall.

What fun! It takes a long time to tape the trees, but after that there’s the magical ease of painting, and then of ripping off the tape to reveal the trees. We did a “test tree” yesterday (left side) and were pleased with the results. We did another four today and will probably add two or three more tomorrow. Then we’ll stencil in a few leaves (to cover a few last scratches and dings).

Sprucing (birching?) up

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