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2015 Loop

Last year I carved some time out of July to do a self-powered trip along the Silvery Slocan Circle Route. I did it counter-clockwise over three days, combining kayaking, running and road-biking. This year, with a new-to-me road bike recently acquired, I decided to do the same route all on two wheels. I rode clockwise for a switch, and over two relatively short days. The first day took me over the pass, through Kaslo, down the North Shore of Kootenay Lake to Nelson, for a total of about 112 km and 1700 metres of total climbing. The second day brought me home through the Slocan Valley, for about 100 km and a bit less climbing, about 1500 metres.

Screenshot 2015-09-16 13.10.20

Screenshot 2015-09-16 13.10.46


IMG_2517Because my overnight waypoint was the Nelson house, I was able to ride almost entirely unencumbered. I carried only water, snack, debit card, phone and my little bike toolkit. Knowing that all the comforts of home were already waiting for me in Nelson was almost as good as having a support team travelling with me!

The weather was great: cool but sunny. The seasons seemed to actually turn while I was riding. On Friday I had noticed that the birch leaves were looking paler as if they were getting ready to turn; by the time I arrived home on Sunday they were yellow and flying off the trees in the wind.

I like giving myself a multi-day solo challenge every year. It gives me time to just be with myself. I come out of it feeling like I’ve accomplished something, renewed. I think this is a tradition I’ll try to continue. I wonder what 2016’s challenge will be?



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4 responses to “2015 Loop”

  1. Crystal Avatar

    That is so cool – Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  2. Ryan Schultz Avatar
    Ryan Schultz

    Which direction would you recommend for a first-timer and someone completely unfamiliar with the area? Clockwise or counterclockwise? I’m planning the full loop up through Trout Lake and Nakusp too.

  3. Miranda Avatar

    Hi Ryan, there really isn’t a bad direction, especially if you’re not doing the Kaslo/New Denver hump which is steeper on the west side. I’ve done it both directions and they’re comparable and both really enjoyable.

  4. Miranda Avatar

    Also, there’s a great little bike shop / café / guest house in Nakusp called Shon’s Bike & Ski. Laundry, showers, great mechanic, nice bike-tour-friendly accommodations. Highly recommended.

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