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Beware of small bears

We had these two in our yard at least once today. Probably twice. A mama and a cub. A tiny, cute little cub. Standing up and peering around, curious about everything.

We think our dog tangled with them this morning, though. Probably got between mama and her cub, a very dangerous place to be. The dog has a few slashes on her flank. They appeared pretty superficial after they first happened, but as the day wore on she has hunkered down and isn’t eating or moving around much. She tends to do this when she’s in pain, so hopefully it’s just a reaction to being sore, and not any more sinister internal injuries.

Noah took these photos. He’s the camera hog lately.  Click to enlarge: the expressions on the bears’ faces are brilliant. The little guy just needs a hat, a suitcase and a tag that reads “please look after this bear.”



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6 responses to “Beware of small bears”

  1. rainblissed Avatar

    Too cute! But I do hope your dog is OK!!

  2. Lee Avatar

    What kind of bears are they?

  3. Miranda Avatar

    They're black bears. Many of them aren't actually black, as in the case of the mama here. But they're still taxonomically considered black bears. They have a Roman nose profile to their snouts, rather than the dish-shaped profile of grizzlies.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Yep, very cute…a Sendak cub!


  5. Aravinda Avatar

    Amazing! We were in Yellowstone last month struggling to get a glimpse of any bear – saw a few from a very great distance. Thanks for sharing these pictures. It is truly amazing to see animals on their own. Do you get bears often?

  6. Miranda Avatar

    We see bears on average maybe once a week from late April to October. Sometimes considerably more often, sometimes not for a few weeks.