The chickens, that is.

They’re a little over two months old now, our dozen Ameraucanas. We got them as fluffy little day-olds and have successfully grown them through their lanky pre-adolescent phase. They’re now feathering out resplendently and there’s such variety! They all have the jowly ear-tufts and blue-grey legs and feet characteristic of their breed, but we have everything from white-with-grey to deep brick-red-and-black to golden yellow, black and brown.

We seem to have a pretty even mix of pullets and cockerels. We will need to choose just one cockerel to raise to rooster-dom. There’s one that looks a lot like Skunk, or favourite-ever chicken. He’s even got the green-black iridescence starting to show on his tail feathers. At this point there are a couple of front-runners (based on personality and colouration) but I’m not ready to choose yet.

They’re growing up!

One thought on “They’re growing up!

  • July 13, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    very pretty chickies 🙂 A nice mix of colours for sure!

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