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Trail running

It’s been a lovely Nothing Day, one of those precious days with nothing scheduled. Some science bookwork got done, a lot of Harry Potter got read, bureau drawers got sanded, primed and painted, the pond got emptied and cleaned, a few loaves of bread got baked, some music got made, compost got spread on the garden … and Fiona and I made this video.

The intro and outro backgrounds are shots of the bureau drawer fronts drying on the deck with sunlight filtered through the overhanging cedars. My favourite part of the video!



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2 responses to “Trail running”

  1. rainblissed Avatar

    So fun! If I got 1/16 of what you get done in a day completed, I'd feel like a rock star. I'll never know how you do it, or how you run in bare feet, but I'm happy you share it here!

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Nice video. It evokes the smell of the woods and the feel of the air and the sound of a light breeze in the treetops. It is just the right length. The music is perfect for it, too.


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