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Putting Christmas “away”

Yesterday we took down the tree and the decorations. Sort of. Inspired by Erin’s approach to décor in her cabin we hoisted the strands of Christmas lights to the ceiling of the living room. We don’t have enough light in this room anyway. And it’s easier than putting the lights away. Who knows how long they’ll stay there. We quite like them.







4 responses to “Putting Christmas “away””

  1. Rebecca Avatar

    I've always believed that twinkle lights were meant to be enjoyed year round.

  2. annika fox Avatar

    In 2007 I hung a string of lights over the bed for Christmas Eve. In 2009 I hung another string over the balcony doors. They're both still there. Eventually I think all sources of light in the apartment will be from Christmas lights.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    We also have permanent “installations” of Christmas lights.


  4. denise Avatar

    My boys didn't mind the tree going away, but wanted to keep the lights for the winter, so ours are strung along the curtain rods in the living and dining rooms. Nice color on these dark nights!