It’s taken several long years to rationalize this purchase. I wanted an energy-efficient front-loader, but I just couldn’t make my peace with the extravagance. We have an exceptionally low pressure low flow water supply. We can barely have a shower — the flow through even the “pulse” setting on the showerhead is scarcely more than a dribble at the best of times. And this meant that when the old top-load washer was running, just about all other water-related activities in the house had to stop. And since it took up to half an hour to fill the tub in the top-loader for each wash or rinse, that was a lot of time not to wash dishes, hair or bodies, especially with more pre-teen and teen showering going on here.

In addition since we hang-dry almost all our laundry, the idea of having wet clothes go onto the drying rack much less wet than usual was very appealing. That would mean they would be dry in less than a day, maybe even in as little as 12 hours if the wood stove was beneath them.

And so when this unit came on sale recently we decided to finally taken the plunge. We squeaked it into the tiny laundry room this afternoon, set it to run a first load, and then hunkered down in front of the viewing window to watch the show. It was fabulous! Unfortunately I missed the final spin, because I had a meeting, so I’m running another load (of dog bedding, no less) in order to catch the finale.

Washer TV

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  • November 16, 2010 at 4:22 am

    Hi Miranda,

    I can understand the fascination with the washer TV.

    I had our first front loader about 15 years ago (in Europe). I loved to watch the law of physics happening in front of my eyes. Both of our kids, babies at that time loved to sit in front of it, and just watch the colours of the cloth mixing in a beautiful way, the water pouring in, the soap being mixed with the rest. And we loved the most the final cycle: the power of the machine was really manifested in that quick spin!

    Now I live in Canada, and my dream is that I will have a front loader, the kind I had in Europe: cold water would go in, and the washing machine would warm it up for the desired temperature, ranging from cold to 95 Celsius. And that I could choose from about 30 various programs…

    It puzzles me: why people in Europe cannot have automatic cars, and they need to struggle with all the shifts… and why people in North America cannot have the same fantastic washing machines as all people natural in Europe…

    Do you have any vague idea why that can be – this divide???

    Enjoy the TV washer, and give him/her a hug: it is much more gentle on the cloth!


  • November 20, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    Haha! After your comments on our exciting appliance purchase earlier this year, I thought you'd be taking the plunge before too long.

    I recommend washing socks. They're practically spell-binding.

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