At the orchestra concert last weekend, I invited my Suzuki Group Class to come and play just before the interlude. I had a hidden agenda: I wanted them to hear the orchestra concert. But I also think this is such a fun piece, and they hadn’t performed it locally yet. It takes the opening phrase from “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” with the dominant substituted for the final tonic, and repeats it over and over, melding it with an abdriged and simplified Pachelbel Canon. It allows the little beginners to play a piece that provides some additional musical interest for the older kids. My three elder kids have all done Pachelbel in the original, so this was a piece of cake for them, but I think it’s really valuable to have them support and play with less advanced students. Fiona learned one of the Pachelbel parts too and proved herself strong and secure playing contrary rhythms and melodies on occasions when she didn’t have the support of other players.

The front row of this ensemble is comprised of the extra Suzuki group class kids who are not part of the orchestra — yet! We were missing a half dozen but I was pleased we got the numbers we did on short notice on a Sunday afternoon. Noah is the second player to enter. He plays the main viola theme alone once. Erin is the farthest forward of the two 1st violinists who enter next. Sophie is in the dead middle of the group (in the black strappy shirt) and she enters as a 2nd violin with the main mass of players. Fiona is in the white shirt, behind Sophie’s scroll and she comes in as one of two 3rd violins last of all.

Twinklebell Canon

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