Erin got her hair chopped off in January, sending eight thick hanks of 18-inch long hair off to Locks of Love. Recently Sophie decided she had finished her tenure as a long-haired kid. I wasn’t sure that she was sure about her decision, so I didn’t jump in right away to get her an appointment at the salon. But soon occasional comments turned to nagging at me to book her appointment and when I did she counted down the days eagerly.

Look at all that amazing blond hair! She’s had a tiny trim once in a while but other than that hasn’t had her hair cut since she was a preschooler. It shines like gold and is so beautiful. I wondered if I would miss it, even if she wouldn’t.

The bottom got a trim first, because that’s the way the Locks of Love people want it. Just half an inch or so to get rid of the wispy ends.

Then the little elastics went in and the scissors started sawing. I wondered if Sophie would have panicky second thoughts. I had asked her before if she was nervous, and like a good little violinist she said “not nervous, but excited!” She’s well-trained to read those fluttery-tummy feelings as excitement rather than fear!

By the time her hair was dry even I was thinking “this is how her hair was meant to be — it suits her perfectly!” In fact I was already forgetting that she’d ever had long hair. Her new bob looked totally normal and right.

It’s been a week now. She loves it. It takes a few seconds to brush and a couple of minutes to wash. She enjoys the look and the feel and says she has not a single regret.

I don’t miss her long tresses at all. I can hardly even remember them. I’m glad I took that first picture!

Hair off

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