Sophie has set to work with the fabric for her dress. After tracing pattern pieces the other afternoon she had to wait for me to get out of town and purchase thread. Fortunately Erin’s departure for Calgary was well-timed, the five hour round trip to the bus station taking me through a town with a store stocking sewing notions.

Next was the pinning of the pattern pieces to the fabric. Sophie chose a lovely lightweight organic cotton-bamboo with generous spandex for her fabric. The colour, a dusty green, is not what I would have expected her to choose but it’s quite lovely. The light weight and stretch of the fabric made for fussy pinning and cutting, but she — unlike her mother — is patient and meticulous with manual work. She did a great job of the cutting.

Next she headed to the basement with me for a quick refresher course on the sewing machine. It had been almost three years since she’d used it! She clearly wants to do this entire project on her own, without help, and it’s a much more complex project than what she’d done in the past. But she seems ready and motivated. She quickly got the knack of the machine, and has a nice touch on the fabric feeding. Good thing, since this fabric is not forgiving! Tonight she got a start on the main construction, sewing the front seams.

The dress II

One thought on “The dress II

  • March 16, 2010 at 8:32 am

    Very impressive! And love the color!!!! Can't wait to see the finished product.

    I loved to sew as a girl, and I only wish I had stuck with it. All these years later and I am lost with the fabrics, patterns and machine.

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