Our neighbour sheep were shorn a this spring. A bag of fleece arrived last month. Today we’ve been washing the fleece and carding has begun. We tried doing a preliminary carding prior to washing on some of the fleece to see if that would help expedite the washing process. Just an experiment, as it was an approach suggested by a friend. Most of it we’re just washing as-is knowing it’ll all have to be thoroughly carded before spinning. It’s not particularly dirty fleece, partly because Icelandic fleece is naturally low in lanolin.

We’re using the washing machine as our wash vessel. I may live to regret this as I know a thorough cleaning will be required afterwards. But somehow the idea of lugging hot water to do multiple loads in an outdoor laundry sink doesn’t strike me as any less work.

Fleece adventures

2 thoughts on “Fleece adventures

  • July 15, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    I think the washer is a marvelous idea. It worked well for me. I washed a VERY dirty fleece, my first, just last week. I found a clean bin/bucket the fleece can rest in while the machine drains/refills is especially helpful. Putting the fleece in a mesh bag really made the whole job easier. When finished, I ran through an empty wash with some vinegar added. No scrubbing required 🙂 And noone complained of stinky-fleece small on thier clean clothes this week! Whew!

    I wish you all whole bunch of fun with your new fleece!! I look forward to seeing how it all turns out!


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