Our neighbours have a tiny homestead which comprises a huge veggie garden, dairy cattle, rabbits, turkeys, chickens (meat birds and layers), goats and sheep. The goats and cow have birthed already and we’re into a (late) lambing season now. Sometimes we get a phone call when an animal is birthing. Sometimes we just happen by.

The other day Fiona and I were finishing a run when we noticed a sheep grunting in the field. We stopped by and watched the rest of the process. And the same day Sophie, Fiona and I all visited with a couple of the newborn lambs.

These two are twins — one strong, one weaker. The darker little boy was easily following mama around within a few minutes, poking around and figuring the udder thing out on his own. The white little girl lamb needed to be helped to stand and nurse. So far she’s doing well, getting stronger.

We like this vicarious homesteading experience our neighbours are providing us with. They’re new to it all themselves, and their enthusiasm and resilience in the face of misadventures is a pleasure to observe. Certainly they’ve debunked for us most of the romance and glamour of the self-sufficient lifestyle. We are inspired by their hard work and resourcefulness. But it’s not a simple life, that’s for sure.

Still, in a greening meadow in the spring, lambs are rather fine.

The neighbour lambs

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  • July 1, 2009 at 7:11 am

    I agree, lambs in the meadows is a lovely thing to see. There are a few sheep and goat farms near us and I love seeing the little ones scampering about as we drive by.

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