Sophie has been taking advantage of a well-timed homeschoolers’ climbing program, coming to Nelson with us on Tuesdays and hitting the indoor climbing wall with the help of a couple of instructors and a the companionship of a couple dozen homeschoolers.

Chuck and I climbed a lot before kids. We’ve done the tiniest bit of outdoor climbing with them over the past couple of years. But we’re short on shoes and harnesses not to mention simple places to set up a top-rope, so this seemed a nice way to get Sophie a lot of vertical experience in a short period of time. Indoor climbing is very different and I admit I don’t quite understand the attraction when compared to rock climbing, but it’s sure a lot better than nothing!

Sophie seems pretty confident and capable. She enjoyed climbing a lot. Piano was cancelled today and Fiona and I got to watch part of the last climbing class which was nice.

Indoor climbing

One thought on “Indoor climbing

  • July 4, 2009 at 4:33 am

    My older 3 boys climbed a lot, mostly indoors but outdoors too as they got older and more experienced. The first and the third guy both worked at the climbing gym too and my oldest got certified as an instructor. None of them climb that much just now but they loved it and I really liked how even in competition it wasn't very competitive, more about challenging yourself and helping others:) seeing pictures like yours bring back a lot of memories.

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