The sad truth is that aside from the addition we put on 12 years ago and a kitchen renovation 3 years ago, our home and furnishings have been “unimproved” for fifteen years. The carpet, deck, walls, the stuff that was old when we moved in, is now rotten. Our appliances are not so happy. The washing machine does a terrible job unless it’s only half full. The dishwasher is almost in the “why bother” phase, as half the dishes need to be hand-washed when they come out.

The wingback chair in the living room is … well, thread-bare squared might be a good description. There’s very little of the seat upholstery intact. The couch is in better shape but even still would be considered pretty decrepit by most standards. Now that I have cunningly painted the walls colours that completely clash with the upholstery it is possible that re-upholstery is in the cards. We shall see.

And then there’s the deck. Well, it was sagging and rotting and I pulled it down two years ago to save injury and to salvage some of the wood for a chicken corral, hoping that removing it would expedite the appearance of a replacement. By last year I was reduced to conjuring an imaginary deck.

But now, look! Fallen cedar trees have been transformed by a local guy with a portable sawmill into lumber for joists and decking. Who knows? We may get a deck again some day!

Deck hope

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  • May 14, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    That’s a good use for fallen cedars. When I was a child a cedar tree fell in our garden, and we used it for firewood for a year after. Now it seems a waste but mmmm that smell!

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