Last year I posted a clip from the family choir that Allison directs at VSSM. Erin has usually done the Adult Choir, and this year Noah opted to join her. He had been quite inspired by listening to the local Community Choir’s performance last spring and I had suggested that he might like to try the Adult Choir during the VSSM week to see whether four-part choral singing was enjoyable to him. I honestly expected him to change his mind once it got imminent but on the day VSSM began he was happy to register for choir. He ended up with a bit of a cold through the week but was still keen to sing. He was the youngest in the choir by a good bit but had the company of a friend and of his sister so it felt comfortable. And Allison is just amazing at how she works with the group, so encouraging and full of gentle humour, yet with a knack for bringing a group to a high musical level. This is just a short clip of “Minoi, Minoi,” an a cappella song in Samoan. Noah is the little guy in the orange shirt. Erin is on the left, occasionally visible behind the swaying woman.

Now Noah would like to join the community choir. The director would like to have him, as she sang in the Adult Choir and was very impressed with his behaviour and ability, but is a little concerned about setting the precedent of accepting children (even Erin was turning 13 the year she joined). She’s going to think about it. We’ll see.

Adult choir