I love this kid. I missed this kid while she was gone for almost 3 weeks, even though her younger sister referred to her as nothing more than a “couch prop.” Lovingly so, but still… Anyway, she had fun. She misses all her friends from the program and all the excitement and the busyness. She’s also glad to be home. We’re glad to have her. There’s a lot of laughing going on here tonight.

Some things were easy for her. Some things were hard. It was all worthwhile.

She did 86 hours of music over the two-and-a-bit weeks. Performed in something like 10 concerts.

More impressive still is the untallied but challenging roughly equal number of hours of large-group and small-group semi-organized socializing with scarcely a moment of down-time.

Somebody took a beautiful photo of her which I’m so happy to have.

Four days until our own local music programs start. No forest fires yet.

Look who’s home!