Saturday 8 pm (Earth Hour) found us at Noah’s string quartet rehearsal. We had a gig light and three head lamps, and so rehearsal carried on just fine when the lights went out. Mozart would have been performed by candlelight back in his time anyway.

The kids are doing really well with their K.157 “Allegro” movement. They’ll be performing at the music festival in a couple of weeks. It’s a non-competitive festival, and we’re glad that there’s one other string quartet playing so they’ll have some company. The other quartet players are a few years older and slightly more advanced. This is the main reason I see for participating in the festival — it brings together students who otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to hear each other so that they can realize that there’s something bigger than their own little pool of music going on and learn from each other.

Earth hour quartet practice

One thought on “Earth hour quartet practice

  • March 30, 2008 at 9:11 pm

    LOL! We were practicing violin during Earth Hour too! We did not have the slick headlamps though, we just lit the old-fashioned candles. Natta thought it great fun to practice by candlelight but when she almost dipped her scroll in the flame of one candle, I think my heart stopped for a minute. She is only three after all! 😉

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