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Screenshot 2016-03-19 17.05.34 Ah, I was right. I’m getting faster! My weekend run was a 14.5k tempo run. It was sunny and I was feeling good, running at a moderate exertion level. About 5k into it I checked my Garmin and noticed that my average pace was putting me on track for a 10k Personal Record. So I kept the heat on enough to do that. What I didn’t realize was that I’d already broken my 5k record, and had enough juice to also PR at 15k and 10 mile distances. Yay me!






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  1. Keeley Avatar

    Oh my gosh that’s awesome!!!
    While you’re envious of my Zwift set up, I’m envious of your running. Oh to be able to run 14.5 miles again!!
    You go, girl. =)

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